Warmest Greetings to Prof. Dr. Mohd Fauzi

Students’ Representative Council is here to send the warmest greetings towards the appointment of the new Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student and Alumni Affairs) of UPM – Prof. Dr. Mohd Fauzi Hj. Ramlan. Students’ Representative Council  looks forwards to work together with the new Deputy Vice-Chancellor, bringing out the best of UPM.

Prof. Dr. Mohd Fauzi has been a part of Ministry of Higher Education, Assoc. Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural Sciences and The College Principal. With his rich experience gained during his service in UPM and Ministry of Higher Education, Student’s Representative Council believes that Prof. Dr. Mohd Fauzi would make every effort to contribute his ideas and continue leading UPM to achieve the goals and missions of the university.

Students’ Representative Council would continue to play the role as a student leader, leading the students to move with the university in order to reach a better state, with great achievement. Students’ Representative Council would like to ask the students to co-operate with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student and Alumni Affairs of UPM, creating a harmony and friendly relationship.

Last but not least, Students’ Representative Council of UPM would continue to fight for the best for the students’ welfare, creating a conducive condition around the campus.

 Thank you.


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